CARS conducts pre-deployment seminar for OJT students

As students prepare to embark on their on-the-job training, it is important to ensure that they have a solid understanding of work ethics and anti-harassment act to at least prepare them for the real job and for certain circumstances that may arise in the future.  The College of Agriculture and Related Sciences (CARS) Local OJT coordinator, together with the GAD coordinator, conducted a pre-deployment seminar for on-the-job training students on Work Ethics, Anti-Sexual Harassment, and Safe Spaces Act on March 29, 2023 at the AVR of the Agricultural Research, Technology and Innovation Center (ARTIC), Mabini Unit, Tagum-Mabini Campus.  The activity aimed to equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the workplace and protect themselves from any potential harm.

The seminar was attended by 57 and seven (7) fourth-year BSA and Forestry students, respectively.  The Guidance Counselor of the Mabini Unit, Ms. Rochen D. Yntig, started the morning session with an icebreaker activity to get the participants engaged and comfortable.  She discussed a range of topics related to work ethics, including attendance, character, teamwork, appearance, attitude, productivity, organizational skills, communication, cooperation, and respect.

The afternoon session covered the discussion on sexual harassment and safe spaces act with Atty. Analyn Q. Villaroman as the resource speaker. The students were educated on the importance of respecting boundaries and maintaining a professional relationship with colleagues and the provision of the Safe Spaces Act and how it applies to the workplace.  They were also informed about the penalties for offenders and the legal protection provided for victims of harassment.

The seminar was conducted in a fun and interactive way, making it easier for the students to understand and retain the concepts discussed.  The college, headed by the Acting Dean, Dr. Cecirly G. Puig, remains committed to providing training and support to students to ensure their success in their future careers.